Saturday , 29 April 2017
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Why Donald Trump appeals to Evangelicals

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Ouachita Baptist University tops larger universities in school spirit, according to Forbes

Ouachita Baptist University has won the Forbes Magazine’s 2016 #MyTopCollege competition, eclipsing much larger schools in a month-long social media contest demonstrating school spirit. Each year the American business magazine founded in 1917 crunches numbers to compile its list of America’s Top Colleges, topped this year by Stanford University followed by runners up including Princeton, Harvard, MIT and Yale. For …

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Evangelicals urge halt to Texas execution

Four dozen evangelical leaders in Texas and across the nation issued an open letter Aug. 9 seeking to stop the execution of an 18-year death-row inmate scheduled to be executed Aug. 24. Texans — including N. Larry Baker, a professor at Logsdon Seminary at Hardin-Simmons University and one-time head of the Southern Baptist Convention Christian Life Commission; Paul Basden, co-founder and …

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Shedding light on the Old Testament’s great villain — the Philistines

Baylor University religion professor Deirdre Fulton is a trained Hebrew, Old Testament and Bible scholar. But she’s also a zooarchaeologist, which means she’s an expert at studying animal remains found at archaeological sites. And that’s where the Bible comes into play. Fulton’s training landed her in the middle of a three-year dig that is shedding light on the lives, beliefs …

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Life — and church — in a box

My life is in boxes right now. As I prepared to move from Connecticut to Mississippi, I packed over 40 boxes of books in my office. We have gone through each room, and while there is still a lot to do, we have boxed up our kids rooms, our room, the basement — finished and unfinished — our living room, …

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