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Desiring God

Invite Someone Single to Dinner

I was an awkward preteen. I had knobby knees and razor-sharp elbows. My baggy clothes were a style of my own invention — part soccer mom, part hippie-poet. I wore my flat-ironed hair in a mountain of curls achieved by nightly roller sets. My homeschooled self had friends who accepted me for the dork that I was, but I yearned …

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Why Would God Ordain Evil?

God loves our questions, when they’re asked from faith. We’re told to “get wisdom, and whatever you get, get insight” (Proverbs 4:7). God is not put off when we try to see how all things hold together in him (Colossians 1:17). What he cannot stand is the defiant skepticism that receives what God says and throws it back at him …

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Is John Piper Happy?

Audio Transcript It’s a blunt question. It’s a personal question. It’s a question from the UK, from a listener named Tim, who asks: “Pastor John, my question is simply this: Is John Piper happy? You are clearly convinced biblically by Christian Hedonism and have shown so helpfully over many years how pursing enjoyment in God brings him great glory, but …

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How to Be a Miserable Comforter: Two Ways We Fail the Hurting

People in pain often say painful things. Acute pain, whether physical or psychological, is not a balanced experience. It’s a dominating experience. Such pain shoves its way to the front of our priorities and almost always distorts our perspective. When it’s flaring, we tend to say things that we wouldn’t otherwise say, and in ways we wouldn’t otherwise say them. …

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Psalm 8: Does Man Still Have Dominion?

Mosquitos kill millions, massive floods destroy cities, earthquakes destroy countries. In this lab, Pastor John answers whether we can truthfully say that humans have dominion. Principle for Bible Reading Cross-Referencing Most Study Bibles have cross-references that connect you to other texts in the Bible that relate in some way to that text. Whether connected thematically or by a common phrase, …

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God Can Overcome Any Abuse

Building a new family from the ashes of past abuse is an opportunity to defy destruction and illuminate hope. When you’ve come from an abusive past, building up your own new family is no ordinary thing. It joyfully, actively, and creatively crushes the work of Satan. The work of establishing a Christ-centered family stands as an act of redemption and …

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